Just a few reviews from our happy customers:

kwilly:   I'm a raw beginner; wanted to be sure I didn't disturb or drive anybody nuts while I was practicing. The mute is terrific. Easy to put on, even for a novice, and it works GREAT. Thanks a million, Mike. Keep up the great work.

manfrommars:  Just smokes the other mutes I've tried. Easy on, easy off, but stays put when attached. Good reduction of volume. Doesn't mess up bridge. Good product!

rcollins:  ...I was impressed!  I know anyone can say something is quiet, but I thought it would be cool to put some loose numbers to it.  So this is some information I gathered, using a Recording King RK-87, freshly tuned with cryo strings.  Placed a Fisher Scientific sound level meter (at my playing level noise meter) @ 3 feet in front of me on a table; did several Open G strums, and simple forward rolls, in an average sized carpeted room.  Here is what I gathered, all numbers rounded:

Open G strum w/o Mute 97db    Open G strum w/Mute 76db           Reduction:  21db

Forward Roll w/o Mute 94 db      Forward Roll w/Mute  69db            Reduction:  25db

Greater distance will only make this better, impressive!  Earplugs range between 22 and 38 db reduction in noise; I know I work on jet engines.  Also mention that my instrument did not lose tonal quality, ring still there.  My family will be indebted to you Mike, and never know it.  Thank You for a well thought out product.

dogface:  I just ordered and received one of Mike's Mutes. I am a tenor player and occasionally want to play a slow song muted and mutes are, of course, good for practice sessions. Mine fit perfectly on a Grover bridge, was easy to tighten down and muted the tones very nicely. No buzzing or tinny sound. Very well made and comes in a nice draw string bag so that it won't rattle around in the case compartment. Thanks Mike...really nice product.

PacificBanjo:  Great banjo mute!  I was worried about it working okay on a stepped/compensated bridge, but it works..no problems at all.  Makes the banjo sound like an electric guitar, with no amp. Great sound level reduction.

bobb62:  Two things about this mute are amazing. First, how much it reduces the volume of the banjo. I play a Deering Sierra that is fairly loud, my wife cannot hear me from the next room with the mute on. Second, how well the banjo retains it's tone with the mute on. I now sound just as bad with the mute on as I do with it off. You can pick at full force and not endanger your marriage (or health).

lemolosolo:  Easy to use, fits the bridge like a glove, stays put, sure to be "THE STANDARD". I own four mutes and Mike's is the best I've used. Thank you.

BlackBart44:  This is one incredible mute. It is the best there is including tone and ergonomics!Finally a mute that fits the bridge quickly, easily and most importantly very securely!  No more vibrating off and the little case included is functional and much appreciated.  Mike, this model could make you a banjo players best friend world wide. Many thanks from Canada, Yours in Bluegrass, Ron 

cuz:  Marriage on the rocks, girlfriend's going to leave you, neighbors hate you, then look no further than Mikes Mute to alleviate the problem. Well made,easy to fit and will not fall off, brilliant for late night practice.

AAMDPicker:  Mike's Mute is great for those of us who live in apartments or condos. It is easy to use, doesn't get in the way, and my banjo still has a nice sound when it is on. Great product, great service.

manderson:  I ordered one of these mutes from Mike after becoming frustrated with my first mute which was hard to get on and off without moving the bridge. The mute was shipped promptly and I received it within a week of my order. I am very pleased with this mute as it quiets the banjo nicely and produces a pleasing tone that actually sounds like my banjo. I live in an condo complex and this mute helps me to avoid disturbing the neighbors with my playing all of the time. Highly recommended if you are looking for a banjo mute.

astemsrud:enough said, If you are looking here, it's time to order up. thanks, Mike!

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