• Slide Between Strings

    With the nuts loosened, slide the feet of Mike's Banjo Mute between the strings

  • Tighten Into Place

    Slide the aluminum feet through the holes in the banjo's bridge and then tighten the nuts to hold it in place (be careful not to over tighten)

  • View From The Back

    This is what Mike's Banjo Mute looks like from the back when installed


Hold your banjo as you normally would to play. Hold the mute so the brass plate is face up and the aluminum legs point toward the head of the banjo. From the tailpiece side of the bridge slip the aluminum legs between the strings and through the cutouts of the bridge.  Tighten screws to hold in place.  That's it!

BUZZING PROBLEMS?  The screws may not be tight enough.  Tighten so the screws bend slightly.  This action tilts the brass toward the tailpiece, lifting it off the strings.

CAN I LEAVE THE MUTE ON MY BANJO?  Your Mike's Banjo Mute can remain on the bridge for any length of time.  However, we recommend removing it before storing your banjo in a case, even a soft case, as this could put additional pressure on the banjo head.