Easy to Use and Very Effective

A smart accessory to own, Mike's Banjo Mute reduces volume to make practicing quieter. Parts are cut, polished, and assembled by hand and individually tested to ensure consistent quality.

The force required to attach or remove some mutes can move the bridge.  Instead, Mike's Banjo Mute goes on and off easily.  The hook of soft aluminum holds firmly but gently to the cutouts in the bridge while solid brass rests on top to very effectively mute the banjo to a level that won't disturb others in close proximity.  Fixed nylon screws that won't move or scratch the bridge hold it snugly in place.  Nylon screws are preferred over any other.  Its slight flexing allows the mute to rest to the backside of the bridge to prevent annoying string buzz.  Unlike plastic, it will last a lifetime. Unlike metal, it creates a more pleasing, softer sound and offers an enhanced sustain.

With the mute on, your banjo plays slightly quieter than a guitar at normal volume so it becomes a great play along instrument.  It relieves your spouse of hearing the 300th rendition of Foggy Mountain Breakdown, or the fumbling twangs of a song in early practice.  It's great for close quarter apartment dwellers, midnight and early morning pickers, and those playing away from home in a hotel room or office.

Mike's Banjo Mute completely detaches from the banjo for regular play to avoid any unwanted overtones.

Mike's Banjo Mute has a low 3/8" profile above the bridge, avoiding any interference with proper hand positioning during play.  With its convenient petite size (2 3/4 x 3/4 x 3/4) and protective storage bag, Mike's Banjo Mute fits in any case and easily travels with you wherever you go.

Most orders shipped in one business day.  Money back guarantee. mikesbanjomute.com